Thursday, March 12, 2009

Planting Seeds

2 weeks ago, you may remember I planted (for the first time) some seeds for flowers, so I don't have to spend tons of money landscaping this spring. After only 5 day, there was some seedlings coming up.

Here are my seedlings today:

Pictured on the left are Coneflowers and on the right are Shasta Daisies! I also have Phlox and Lavender coming up. Today (hopefully) I will be planting my tomato plants!!! I also have some chives and Marigolds I need to plant soon. I am also going to get some more things to plant for the garden, like melon plants, but not until later. This has been so fun. I check on them (the seedlings) several times a day, still water them twice with warm water, and I have not brought the plastic up so it isn't sitting right on the top of them, but still keeping them warm.


carrie said...

we have seedlings up and our whole family is excited to see stuff green and growing!!! com'on spring!!!

Megan said...

Those look great!