Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning- Main Bath, Part 2

So, how was it? My Main bath was less work then my boy's bedrooms, but it was germier... If you missed us at the beginning of the week, go HERE. Or to see all of the Spring Cleaning so far, go HERE.

On Monday, I gave you some pretty nasty facts about the bathroom, and of course every time I hear someone flush the toilet, I wonder if they remembered to put the lid down...

But it was a lot quicker work this week, I had some re-organization to do, and I am waiting for the love of my life to put a shelf up in one of my cupboards. But it went well. I found some things that are going to expire by the end of the year if they don't get used so I am donating them so they don't go to waste.

If you remember the pics of MY bathroom before, it was sad. The cupboards were a mess of all of my good deals crammed into it, and very little organization. Here are the pics of my bathroom, as of this morning:

This was the worst pic last time. This time, much better. Still needs an extra shelf in the cupboard to make it even better!

Much better! How did YOU do this week??? Let's see it! Remember next week is the Master Bedroom!!! Join us!


Danielle said...

Hey looks really good!!! My bathroom is so small I don't think I could even get a good pic of it!!! And even worse we only one.....guess that happen when you live in a 109 year old farm house :)
I couldn't help but notice how CUTE your decor is!!! That is how I decorate too. QUESTION: is the mirror above the sink a medicine cabinet??? or just a mirror???? I am looking for a new medicine cabinet in black...thanks for the post!

Genesa said...

Looks good sarah! I was thinking like Danielle, I like the decor!!

Sarah said...

Danielle~ it's ust a black mirror, nothin' fancy. I got it from Hobby Lobby 50% off! I kind of wanted a medicine cabinet one too, but couldn't find anything... that was a year and a half ago!