Friday, March 13, 2009

Freebies & Samples


Go HERE to Campbell's 'Help Grow Your Soup' and request free tomato seeds. You can click on the button to donate seeds to plant in community gardens and schools across America, which is their commitment to the National FFA Organization. They will donate these seeds for free (you click on the button to donate, they give them for free). Then you can click on the button to get some for yourself! All you need to do is get one of your cans of any type of Campbell's Soup. There is a code on the button of the can (be sure to click the help button to find out which letters and numbers to put in), you put the code in. Then give them your address, and they will send you some of their tomato seeds for free! Remember GO HERE!!!

Free Sample of Always Infinity

Go HERE and fill out address. They will send you a free sample of Always Infinity Pads. Sometimes they send out a coupon with this too.


Go HERE to get a free sample of Parent's Choice Formula from WalMart. This formula was the only stuff my boys drank when I stopped nursing about 6 or 7 months. I would recommend it. Plus the price is right!


Megan said...

Bummer they won't take my tomato soup numbers???

Any tricks you did?

Sarah said...

Hmmm... no tricks. I had 2 letters and 2 numbers. I just followed the "what's this" prompt on the side to see which numbers and letters out of like 5 sets on there I wass supposed to put on. TRY AGAIN!

Megan said...

worked!! thanks I will link!