Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Few Reminders & Links

A few reminders for you:

  • Don't forget Monday, we will be starting on Spring Cleaning the Master Bedroom! Grab this button, and hold tight for your cleaning help on Monday morning~

  • Also, don't forget to go HERE for a Candle giveaway! This will end next Tuesday night.

  • Get yourself some FREE Tomato Seeds for Campbell's Soup! Go HERE for details.

  • Be sure to check out the new link on the right side of the screen to Be sure to get your Huggies coupons ($5 & $3.). There are also a lot of cereal coupons, and there have been good deals on cereal lately! Check 'em out!

  • If you like free samples AND lots of GREAT COUPONS all at the same time, go to Vocalpoint and sign up. You don't get a lot of junk. What you do get is usually once a month or so, a small package will come in the mail with usually some sort of sample and LOTS of really good coupons (there is usually at least one coupon for a free package of something). I think the last thing they sent me was for Kashi cereal bars. They sent me one of the cereal bars in the mail (which was REALLY GOOD) and they sent me one coupon for a free box of their cereal bars, and I think 6 more that were $2.00 off per box. This last week at Meijer, they had these bars for $2.50. So I was able to get several boxes of these cereal bars for $.50 each!

  • Don't forget Swagbucks either. I have been able to earn points by just doing simple searches on the Internet. With these points you can get things like gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Target giftcards and much more. There is no commitment. You give them you name and e-mail. You can also download a toolbar onto your computer, to make it easier to do the searching! Try it out. It's free money!

  • I know my website has changed recently (like today!), so if you have any questions on how to navigate or what something is, please e-mail me, and I will be glad to help out.

Have a great Sunday everyone! God Bless!


Megan said...

Yea!!! you did it!! looks great!