Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Early Planting

I posted a few weeks ago (here) about my plan to plant some flower and garden veggie seeds to (hopefully) get plants cheaper then having to buy them from a greenhouse.

Well, last Friday, I planted some of my flower seeds. I got an organic starting mix, and used my egg cartons. I ended up putting a heating pad under them (thanks Danielle!), and I put some desk lights on them (for more heat), and covered them with a clear plastic (like a drop cloth). In the past week, I have learned a lot. I have been spraying the seeds/dirt with warm water. I also place the plastic directly on top of the dirt, because the dirt was drying out quickly. My heating pad will only stay on for an hour at a time, which does not help keep them warm overnight, hence the desk lights. I keep those on all night.

Here they are, after I planted them:

And this is what I discovered this morning!

I was so excited. I thanked God that He actually helped me make this work! I now pray that I can continue to take care of these little guys, and help them grow big enough to plant and therefore save money!!! Last count this afternoon, I saw 3 little seedlings trying to come out, in less then a weeks time! I will be planting some garden plants like this in about 2-3 weeks!


y0ur qirl said...

good luck with your plants! thats awesome that you take the time to do something like that!

Megan said...

Great job, those are coming up fast!