Monday, January 26, 2009

Baking Day- Part 1

So far, so good.

I have started to make Genesa's Oatmeal Bread, and my Pumpkin Dinner Rolls. Genesa was so kind to give me her bread recipe when I made a flop on my last Baking Day. And the Pumpkin Dinner Rolls are one of my families FAVORITES. It makes like 4 doz. rolls. I usually freeze 3 doz. then we eat one! They take some work but they are VERY worth it.

And so far, everything has gone well. I just put the Oatmeal Bread into the oven, and will be soon dividing up the Pumpkin dough into the rolls. I can smell the Oatmeal Bread now, and it smells wonderful!

Here is my Oatmeal Bread beginnings:

Here is my Pumpkin Dinner Rolls beginnings:

Notice the broken spoon? I have a hand mixer, but it doesn't work AT ALL with dough. So, I get to hand mix! That's OK. It's like a good upper body workout!

I will let you know how the rest turns out!


Genesa said...

I hope you guys like the bread (hopefully it turned out!!) It makes wonderful toast, just so you know!