Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baking Day- Part 2

Well, my second attempt at a Baking Day was a success!

My bread turned out great. I made 2 loaves, and already half of a loaf is gone from breakfast. Thanks again, Genesa!

Also, my families favorite rolls, Pumpkin Dinner Rolls, turned out good also. I DID run out of regular flour while I was making these though. So I used a little more wheat flour then usual and they turned out great! No one noticed a real difference.

I don't have pictures because my camera battery ran out... =( But it was a great baking day, and this will save my family a considerable amount of money. I am figuring a very general amount, but I am thinking it probably cost me about $3. to make 2 loaves of bread (which will last for several breakfasts, and some dinners), and about 4 dinners worth or rolls (any leftovers will be ate for lunch). So, I am going to say at least $12. it is saving me. If the boys eat toast with their cereal, they eat 1 bowl instead of 2-3, saving me money (they are smaller bowls, but they still eat a lot of cereal!). For breakfast, all I ate was a piece of toast (from the bread I made), and some soy milk. And that saves money. As I am laying this out, the total saved may be way over $12. saved.

And the dinner rolls, they will last about 4 dinners, with some leftovers, which the boys enjoy for lunch or for snacking. Already, when my husband got home last night, he snagged a roll to snack on, we had them with dinner (instead of the sandwiches I had planned, and everyone was full!). Then for a snack before the boys went to bed, they had a roll.

If you want to save a lot on your grocery bill, have a baking day. I will probably have to do this at least every 2 weeks to keep up with the demands of the little boy appetite, but I think it will show on grocery budget. One thing I was out of was bread and rolls this week, but I am not going to buy the rolls this week, and I will probably freeze the bread I am buying (on sale).

Try it, have a baking day. Make some bread, some rolls, something that usually will take you a little time to do, but setting aside a day of baking, will give you some motivation... And it is MUCH healthier too!!!


mom4ajob said...

I was just "surfing" this morning and found your website. What an awesome person you are! Thank you for blessing me this morning.