Thursday, February 25, 2010

SWAG BUCKS, Awesome News!

Great news for people with and without Swag Bucks accounts:

OK, you may have heard me talk about swag bucks on here before. And I seriously LOVE it. It is basically a search engine that you do all your searches through (you can download a toolbar onto your computer). When you do your searches, occasionally you will win something called Swag Bucks. What are those? Well swag bucks are basically dollars you can use (save them up!) to purchase things like gift cards or other things online! I used some of mine at Christmas to purchase accessories to go with a Wii we had bought the boys. I got all of the accessories and a few games for FREE! All with my Swag Bucks searches!

I have some great news for those of you who DON'T already have a Swag Bucks account AND for those of you who DO! SO listen up!

If you don't already have a Swag Bucks account, today is the day to get one! For signing up today, you will get 6 Swag Bucks! Just for signing up. But WAIT! There is more!

Now, this applies to those of you who already have an account and for those of you who are going to sign-up today... Today, they are multiplying whatever is in your account by 10! So, if you sign up today and get 6 swag bucks, you will really be getting 60!

If you had 50 swag bucks in your existing account, you will now have 500! The Swag store will be proportional to this change. So if something was 45 swag bucks, it will now be 450. Got it?! Plus, they will be giving away even MORE Swag Bucks than before! So go do some searches!!!

So, if you would like to start earning today, and DO NOT YET have a Swag Bucks account go HERE and enter the code: SWAGGYBOOTS. This code is go from now until March 4th at 6 am (PST).

Have fun doing searches!

Search & Win


carrie said...

how many did you have? i only had 31 but i will take 310!!!! woohoo!!! i have even brought the hubby and the kids into it and when they search they use the SB bar!!!!they are so hoping for a wii and wii stuff like you got!!! silly little gooses!

Mom of Many said...

Think I'm going to get an account today. What a wonderful blog my sweet sister in Christ! Subscribed to your feed via the Follow Me Club at MBC. Please visit me at Thanks!!