Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God's Word for Us

Oh, to have a heart like this! I pray that we strive toward this. I pray that we are content with the plans that God has for our lives!

Psalm 131:1 LORD, I have given up my pride and turned away from my arrogance. I am not concerned with great matters or with subjects too difficult for me.
131:2 Instead, I am content and at peace. As a child lies quietly in its mother's arms, so my heart is quiet within me.

131:3 Israel, trust in the LORD now and forever!


Jen said...

This meant a lot to me this morning especially. I have a decision to make about my first job after being a SAHM for 7 years. I did not want a job until August when youngest starts school... but this opportunity has been chasing me.

I covet your prayers as I discern God's will!

Sarah said...

Jen- We will keep you in our prayers today, as you make your decision! God is so wonderful, but His timing sometimes catches us off-guard! Mostly, because we have our own plans! I know this from experience, as I'm sure we all do!

May you feel a peace about the decision, and may everything work out for you regarding this! <3

Faithful Mali said...

Wow... I just happened upon your blog and felt like God was speaking right to me through your Psalms reference today. I get so anxious and demanding wanting God to lead me to do something huge with my life. I need to learn to be content and realize the importance of what God is doing in my life right now and now seek earthly gratification (I hope that makes sense).

I'm your newest follower. Thanks for your words today.

Down On The Farm said...

I stumbled on your blog through another. I too love reading "like minded" blogs. I will be back!