Monday, February 22, 2010

Next Monday's Spring Cleaning!

Next Monday, is the big day! It's the day I looked forward to as soon as I could see the dust and clutter when the sun shone through my windows the other day. You don't think your home is THAT bad until the sun shines on it!

So, here is the rundown. Much is like it was last year. Monday, we will post before pics of our rooms, or areas. And link up here. Then, during the week, work on those rooms! I will give you ideas, and hopefully some inspiration to complete your tasks! Then, Friday we will regroup and post pics of our finished area or room...

Here is what we will be covering each week:

March 1-5, Week 1: The Entry. This is the point that most people enter our home. When you have people over, does this area get cluttered with shoes and coats? Is this area Welcoming? If you walked into your home for the first time, what would your first impressions be?

March 8-12, Week 2: Main Bathroom. This is the bathroom that everyone uses. Are there changes you would like to make in making this small room more efficient?.

March 15-19, Week 3: Master Bedroom. Often a neglected room. What changes would you like to make in your room? We need to treat ourselves and our hubby a little better!

March 22-26, Week 4: Master Bathroom, or a Secondary Bathroom. These are also a very neglected space, not many people see it so why bother? Well, the most important people in our family see it, so that should be enough to step-up this room a bit...

March 29- April 2, Week 5: The Laundry Area. I know these come in all shapes and sizes. Mine in is a unfinished basement, and I dislike "my" area. I know some of you actually have a room for laundry, but is it as welcoming and as efficient as it could be??? If mine were cute and more efficient, I think I would like to spend more time in it!

April 5-9, Week 6: The Office. (No, not the TV show). The room (or area) that houses your desk, your bills, your computer, your coupons, etc. I just have a desk, but you may have a room. Do we need to get into some of those drawers and rid out? Do we need to take an inventory of what we have? This week could also include homeschool areas. As the school year comes to a close, is there an area that has been neglected? We have a set of drawers for our boys when they come home (from a public school) and we put all of their important papers in files and drawers. How can we steam-line these areas better?

April 12-16, Week 7: Children's Bedrooms. So, get everything together for better organization. Make a place for everything! Cleaning out clothes, make a list for clothes needed for the summer! Maybe start to put away some winter stuff!

April 18-23, Week 8: Living Room &/or Family Room. Are there things in your living room that could really be thrown out, do you need to redecorate? Do you need to go through all of those CD's and DVD's? What about that ceiling fan, is it ready to be turned on for spring? Lots to do in this room!

April 26-30, Week 9: Kitchen & Dining Area. I know for me this is a BIG one. I do have a lot of things in my cupboards. Do I need everything? Are there squeaky doors or drawers? Does the decor need a good cleaning or replacing? How about the refrigerator? The freezer? The microwave? The Stove??? I know we probably (hopefully) use this area the most. This is a gathering place, a family place. We need to spend lots of time here, making it a better place for our family.

May 3-7, Week 10: Main outdoor Hang-out. Woo Hoo! By this time, it should be getting warmer, and we will probably be starting those gardens. Let's not forget that outdoor living room! This area is the area that my family spends the most time in the summer. We have a patio out a back door, with a grill and flower beds. So, we need to drag that grill out and get it cleaned up! We need to clean out those flower beds, get mulch, and start planting! Drag out your outdoor furniture, and get ready to enjoy the outside again! YAY!

So, there it is! The run down of what we are going to do for the next 10 weeks. For those large areas, don't try to get everything done at once! We have 5 days! Take it one step at a time...

Well, who's ready??? I know I am! See you Monday!


Mominin said...

I missed out last year because it was the end of my pregnancy. I'm looking forward to joining in this year!!

ro said...

I am in on this one! See ya Monday!