Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning!!! You Ready?

Starting in 10 days, I will once again be hosting a link-up for Spring Cleaning. With each area that we cover, I will give ideas, tips, and info...

You can join along by taking pictures of the area we are going to clean that week, post BEFORE pics on Mondays on your blog. And the AFTER pics on Fridays! If you don't have a blog, join in anyways!

The sun ACTUALLY was shining today at my house, and it ACTUALLY got above freezing! WOW!!! The sun shining in my windows made me realize how BADLY in need of a Spring Cleaning my house really is!!! ICK!

So, join up with us on March 1st to get started! I can't wait!!!

More information coming next week!!!


Kelly L said...

Looking forward to it.

Love to you

Jen said...

Oh, no... I already started (Since i was snow bound for 7 days).

I guess I will just have to slack a little until March 1st.


Genesa said...

Yay!! I thought about that yesterday and wondered if you'd be doing it again. I can't wait!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

My house really needs a good cleaning and I really need motivation like this to get at it, so I'm excited!