Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This Weeks Shopping Trip

Just a quick over view of this weeks shopping trip. There weren't any really awesome sales this week. But this week is a good example of what you can do if the sales are great. Basically, we got what we needed and I spent the rest on things that really don't go on sale, but I need anyways. Like this week I bought and over $8. bottle of Olive Oil, because I use it for baking & because it is healthy! I also had to get honey. This is also good for you and I bake with it also. That was almost $8.

So, since I had extra money this week because of the lack of good things to buy, I bought somethings I have put off and will need soon anyways.

So here are my groceries:

I spent right at my $70. budget. And $22 of it was milk and $16 was olive oil and honey! So everything else pictured was bought with under half of my budget money!

Kroger's upcoming sales look pretty good, and so does CVS. So stay tuned for next weeks finds! How did you do on YOUR shopping this week?


Heidi @ Frugal Girls! said...

You did great ~ way to go!! :)

Kelly's Ideas said...

Great have a lot of patience... Good job on the savings!

onna said...

Wow-Great job sticking to the budget-can't say I have been great at that lately!!

I am following you from the mbc.

AudreyO said...

It's amazing how much you can get when you really put your mind to saving and using coupons and on sale items. Great week :)