Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning- Entry Area

Another Monday! Hope your weekend was wonderful and blessed! And we are ready to start a new week of cleaning! Are you WITH ME??? YEAH!

Sorry, I know, it's Monday. Morning. blaaa.

But! I am going to give you something to do! (As if you NEEDED it...)

Here is your assignment this week, Your Entry Area:

Your Entry Area is the area that all of your guests enter into your home. Where do they take their shoes off and jackets off? Where do you greet them? THIS is the Entry Area.

This Area should be welcoming! This is their first impression of your home! And of YOU! Is there a place that they can easy put coats? Shoes? What about someone who needs to sit and put on shoes? Can they do that in this area? (I remember when I was pregnant, if I didn't have slip-on shoes, I HAD to sit to get my shoes on, cuz I couldn't see then otherwise!) How is your organization?

  • Coats~ Rid through your coats, what are you wearing right now? Are you ready to put away those winter coats? If you are, get those washed up and put away (somewhere else, like an unused closet or basement area). Get out those spring jackets, wash them up if needed. May be put away those gloves and hats??? Wash them up too.

  • Sweep, wipe down, dust... (I know around kids level on our doors, seems a little dirtier then on other places on the door, Clean it!)

  • Wash any rugs. Shake them out, outside then throw them in the wash!

  • Reorganize! Use baskets, tubs, shelves, hooks, etc to get everything back into a "working" order.

  • Clean Windows, spray off screens, etc.

  • Everything working??? If something needs fixed, fix it today! If it needs thrown out, do it!

  • Decorate. Does your area need to say more "Hello!" than "good-bye..."? Make this area as warm and welcoming as possible!

Here is MY Entry:

As you can see, it is "unfinished". But I will try to get some things done this week...

OK, ladies. You have your assignments, should you choose to accept them. If you would like to link up and show us your "In Need Of Improvement~ Entry". Link UP!!!