Thursday, February 19, 2009

Groceries This Week

I went shopping yesterday, and was a little behind (my) schedule. I had a baby that woke up very early, and then decided to take a nap really early too. So I left later in the day then I normally like to. But, it ended up really well!

Here is what I got:

For a Grand Total of:


I did shopping at CVS, and spent $2.60 on the following, in 2 transactions:

I saved over $47.

Here is my Kroger shopping trip:

I spent $14.! I got the TP for free, the cough drops for free, the Starkist tuna for free, I got the Wacky Mac for $.16 the lotion for $.06, the organic milk for $.99 and the diapers for $3.99! I saved over $29.!

I also went to Meijer. I don not have a separate picture of Meijer, it is included in the picture at the top of the post. I bought formula & a new cup for the baby boy. I got a 2L of Dr Pepper for free (with a coupon I registered for in the mail), I got 3 cans of dog food for free (with coupons that were in the paper several weeks ago), I got Cascade dishwasher rinse agent for free, plus some other cheap things like the hand soap, the cat treats, the frozen veggies, the bread! I spent $45. at Meijer and saved over $47!

I think that is $123. saved, and $62. spent! With a budget of $70, that works for me!!! I spent about $.83 per item! That's good with diapers, formula, razors, soaps, pads and more!

How did YOU do this week???


Megan said...

Did you say you got that Tuna free---you must have used the vocalpoint $1. MQ--I didn't know what prices were on it and it wasn't on my list.

When I saw it in you pic and you said you got it free, I went and looked up the Q--Sure enough it's Starkist--This is why I love looking at other peoples groceries!!

Thanks!!! 4 more free items for me this week. Now what do you do with tuna...I NEVER buy it!!

Danielle said...

Great shopping and gotta love it you were under budget!!!! I saw you got more Wacky Mac...I bought my first bag tonight....It's only
$.13 at my Kroger :) I can't wait till I start getting my Vocalpoint Q's!!!!