Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coming in March...

Before Thanksgiving and Christmas, I did the Organized Christmas thing, where each week you take a room, and you do all there is to do in that room to get it ready for the holidays.

Well, I would LOVE to do that for SPriNg!!! There is so much to do, inside and outside of our homes once the weather FINALLY starts to change.

So, I am going to make up a room by room check list, then hopefully move outdoors... Are you game??? Even if you are too good for my Spring cleaning checklist (yeah, YOU!), you can watch my progress. If you are game, each week we will have a room, showing the before's and the after's, and telling anything interesting along the way! And maybe even getting some items rid out of your homes so you can have a yard sale! Who knows!

So, keep it in mind! We will be starting in March, and I will also have Bible verses to go along with it. This should be fun! (Well, as fun as CLEANING can get...)

See you in March! =)