Thursday, February 19, 2009

Are You "Un-Crafty"? What about Bartering?

I consider myself a "crafty" person. I like to make things with my own two hands. I love to create. I love to make pretty. I love to take nothing and turn into something.

But, there are some out there, that just-don't-have-the-craftin' skills... Is that YOU? Are you tired of us "crafty" people telling you to make your own gifts. "Just knit your family some scarves" or "make this lovely playhouse for your kids out of Popsicle sticks". OK- maybe my illustrations are a little out of hand. But I DO have a point!

What ARE you good at??? DO you have an "un-crafty" skill???

Do you love kids, and like to baby-sit? Do you do your own taxes every year and people are impressed? Are you a person that loves to clean or organize?

Ever thought of BARTERING???

Bartering is : To trade goods or services without the exchange of money.

Hmmm. Maybe you and that friend of yours that does a lot of sewing can trade services? You need a new curtain in your bathroom, and she was talking about trying to find somewhere that changes oil in cars for a reasonable price (there is no shame in ropin' the hubby in too!). Maybe you can trade services?

God has given each one of us gifts, and there is not one of us that He has given ALL the gifts. So, we need others who can help us out!

Start saving money by using what you are good at to trade! =)


Suzanne said...

Great minds think alike! :) I just posted on this topic, too!