Sunday, January 18, 2009

This Week Meals

So far we have survived the frigid temps that have hit us here in Northern Indiana. It got down to -18 (that I saw for myself) and wind chill was like -30. We didn't lose any animals (I prayed for those crazy things...). And the boys only missed one day of school. So I didn't go too loony.

Right now, I am happy to report that it is a sweltering 18 degrees. And I am sitting close to the pellet stove, in my church clothes and my robe (FYI- I did not wear my robe to church.). THAT is how sweltering it is...

Last week my husband had training, but will be home most of this week, so we are happy!

Brief health report: Caden went through a cold pretty quick this week, but now baby Koen has a cough. Oh, and a new tooth (#3!)! He was not happy about it, but I think he will get over it (until next time).

So, MEALS. This week, I found the organization geeks oasis HERE. And started organizing my very filled pantry. And after doing about half of it, I have a list of things I need, which surprises me. Looking at my cupboard you wouldn't think I need much but I DO! SO the pantry and freezer organization sheets are EXTREMELY helpful. If you hate going to the cupboard expecting to find a certain item, then don't find it; you would love those printables... And finally, meals:

Monday: Baked Mac-n- Cheese (homemade)($1.50)

Tuesday: Scalloped Potatoes and Ham ($2.75)

Wednesday: Spaghetti & sausage ($2.00)

Thursday: Salmon patties, mashed potatoes & veggie ($1.50 for the Salmon at Aldi's, free mashed potatoes and free frozen veggies last week at Meijer!)

Friday: Tacos ($5., we have company this night!)

Saturday: Leftovers (boys will be gone half the day for Boy scout Pine Derby Races!) (free!!!)

Sunday: Roast & Veggies ($6)

So, what are YOU eating this week? To see upcoming deals at your grocery store, go here! Have a great week!


Megan said...

Looks yummy!

Nice banner too!

Danielle said...

We just had scallop potatoes and ham last week..boy was it yummy!!