Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Weeks Grocery Shopping

It was a mess I tell you, but I guess we will all have those days.... More then once! But eventually I got there! Last week was a good week, I spent $68. in groceries. With a budget of $80. that was good! It hits the budget I would like to work myself down to, $70. a week.

But this week, I was back up to my $80. budget. My total was $83. With a savings of more then $44. My problem this week was a trip to Aldi's. At aldi's I spent over $27. And with no coupons I don't get a whole lot. I got 19 items.... =( But at Aldi's I have to stock up on the stuff that doesn't normally go on sale. Like this week I needed coffee creamer and so Aldi's has coffee creamer for $1.95. They also have canned chicken for pretty cheep, which I get there. And trash bags... And it adds up!

Meijer was OK. I spent $50. there, that included hamburger (NOT on sale). I saved over$33. there though. There was good deals on the Large boxes of cereal, $1 after coupon!

And Kroger was good, I got 14 items for $5. this included frozen veggies and a 10 lb bag of potatoes. I saved over $19. there!

To see the deals and their coupon match-ups, go here... How did you do this week?


Megan said...

Good trips. So were the steamers on sale at Kroger. I couldn't find it in the ad but everyone talked about it...

also were all kelloggs cereal on sale at Meijer!

thanks for being my ginny pig!!