Thursday, January 15, 2009

Calling All Organization Freaks

So, not always am I the best at organization, but I strive to be. I have to try to combat my "hording" tendencies, and make lists, toss things and have schedules!

Well, I found a web site that I can be well challenged by.

Yes, Organized Home... ahhh. I like it.

This site not only has some great ideas for organizing your whole home, your kitchen and more. There are "printables". Oh yes...

Ones like this one, that I am going to try to utilize...

I started filling mine out last night, I had to make like 3 copies, but I am working on figuring out exactly what I have. This has actually helped me in figuring out that I only have 1 ketchup in my pantry and next time it comes on sale, I need to get some. Including some other things. But it really seem like it could be a great tool for those who are into Money Saving and stocking up. Knowing what you have in your cupboards will same you time and money. It is also healthier then having to run to the local McD's for some super fatty burgers, if you already have all you need in your own pantry...
Oh, I'm already lovin' this site. Check it out, and get organized this year!