Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Giving with Liberality

I was on my way home today from getting my baby immunized (he's a tough boy!), and I was listening to the Christian radio station in our area. I think the program is called Money Wise. It is put on by Crown Financial.

Anyways, I had no idea it was a "money" show, or I probably would have flipped it! I like to listen to music in the car! Anyways, for some reason, I listened.

The speaker was a Mr Robert Morris, a pastor from Texas. He was talking about giving. He referred to Romans 12. In Romans 12, it talks about the gifts of the church body. And I have read the parts like, those who have the gifts of prophesy, let us prophesy. For those who have the gift of ministry, minister. He who exhorts, exhortation. But then there is a part, verse 8 says "... he who gives, with liberality..."

After listening to Mr. Morris's giving, and listening to how the Lord had blessed he and his family beyond what he could have ever imagined, I was inspired. First, I shed tears for how awesome God really is. How when we listen to Him and His call for us, He will "pay it back" 10 fold, and more. Mr. Morris has given his home, many vehicles, and cleaned out his bank account on many occasions, and the Lord is faithful to keep His promises. He has taken care of this man and really blessed him.

Can you imagine, the Lord asking you to give your home, your 2 vehicles, and all of the money in your bank accounts... And then you say "OK, Lord." And then, you do it!?

Am I THAT strong in my faith? Could I DO that? Could you???

I looked to the verse in Romans that Mr. Morris referred to. And read the words "giving, with liberality". Do I have that gift???

Liberality means broadness or fullness, generosity, bounty, or a state of being generous. When we give, do we give with bounty? Do we give with fullness?

In Proverbs 31:20, it says of this woman of God, "She is generous to the poor and needy."

In 2 Corinthians 8, it says "Our friends, we want you to know what God's grace has accomplished in the churches in Macedonia. They have been severely tested by the troubles they went through; but their joy was so great that they were extremely generous in their giving, even though they are very poor. I can assure you that they gave as much as they could, and even more than they could. Of their own free will they begged us and pleaded for the privilege of having a part in helping God's people in Judea."

I know we are beyond the "time of year for giving". And times are very hard for lots of people, probably even including you. But the Macedonian churches, gave even when they were very poor...

Or the poor widow in Mark 12:41-44... The poor woman gave more then the people who had lots of money.

Do make excuses for ourselves? "Well, what if times get bad and I NEED all of this stuff.... " Do we not trust the One who is in control of all of Heaven and Earth? Why do we put a limit on what God can accomplish?

This is enough of me ranting, but I have been convicted today. And I have somethings I need to take another look at. I also have a storage area or 2 that is getting very filled with blessings the Lord has given us. Time for some early Spring cleaning, people! Is anybody with me?

Lord- Thank you for opening up my eyes, my ears and my heart today so I could hear what YOU want for me. Thank you for being so faithful that You take care of Your people, when they heed Your call. Please, take these items that we are "cleaning out" today, and use them to bless someone. Please continue to keep our hearts soft, so You can continue to speak, and we can continue to obey Your call. I love You, Jesus. ~Amen


Genesa said...

This a great post Sarah. Wonderful things to think on, and pray on, and search my heart and seek God's will on.

Megan said...

Thanks Sarah, great post! we are all VERY blessed even when times are hard. We should still be very giving

Danielle said...

Great Post!!! We have experienced God's faithfulness in this area of our life!! It seems when we hold our hands open and give sacrifically the Lord is ALWAYS generous, making sure we ALWAYS have what we NEED....doesn't mean we will always have extra, but at the same time the LORD loves to bless us abundantly!!