Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baking Day & a Prayer Request!

I had done this before Thanksgiving (I think!), but I have been wanting to get started on this again. Baking Day!

I was first inspired by MoneySavingMom, when she had blogged about having a baking day months ago. I did my own baking day, and definitely was rewarded with easier items to go with my meals.

Well, now she is blogging about another baking day, and that was all the motivation I needed, to do something I have been wanting to do for a week or more now.

So far, I plan to make homemade white bread, waffles, maybe yogurt, maybe some rice (I have read that you can make rice, regular nor instant, ahead of time and freeze it for a quick side dish or addition to a dish), and we will see if I can figure anything else out!

So, come back tomorrow, and I will be having a Baking Day!

A side note: if you all could pray for my 2 youngest, Caden and Koen, I took them to the doctor today and found out that the colds that they just got last week has caused them to get an ear infection. So pray for them to have fast healing! My baby, Koen, is very sad and he doesn't understand why he is hurting! BTW- did you know that Meijer give free amoxocillin out to kids? I thought that was so awesome! Thank you for your prayers!


Megan said...

will pray for the kiddos!

Good find on the amox at Meijer. Never knew that!

Good luck on the baking day. I can't join you this time!

Genesa said...

I'll be praying for your little guys to have fast healing!