Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fruits of My Prep Day

OK, so I am a human, right? Not really a question... more of a statement, in case you hadn't figured it out. So, I had my big plans. And I did pretty well. Although, I think my oven has an attitude??? It has happened on about 4 different occasions... I am making something on the stove or in the oven. Something I have made many, many times. Then it happens. There is the burning smell, and sometimes even the smoke detector. This is not due to human error. I mean there have been plenty of human error situations, but these are not the times. I put my first batch of muffins in yesterday, for the right temp, if the time says bake for 15-20 minute, I always have to bake it for the 15, 20 would be too long. So I followed all the instructions. And the about 9 minutes left on the timer, I smelled burning. Bummer. I opened the oven to golden brown muffins. I pulled them out and looked at the bottoms. BU. MMER. Blackness. So I salvaged what I could, and thankfully the ingredients are not very expensive, so I quickly made another double batch. Oh yeah, first, I turned off the oven then turned it back on again. Then... SWEET MUFFINS. Literally. Sweet Muffins are what they are called. So I didn't get AS MUCH accomplished as I wanted, but I'm a roll with the punches kind of gal, and I think everything worked pretty well!

Here are the fruits (and breads) of my Prep Day:

Frozen bananas from Monday, 4 doz. sweet muffins, some crock pot applesauce (some already frozen) and some granola ( I mixed it with Cheerios, because on it's own it is SO FILLING!). This should be good for 2 weeks or so! Well, I am going to make more applesauce, but I am very happy!


the voice of melody said...

Looks like you did get quite a bit accomplished, despite your oven having a tantrum! :)

It's my first time here and thought I'd say hi. You have a lovely blog, and I especially enjoy the sharing of your faith.

Many sweet blessings!