Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saving Money

I normally do not do this on my blog, but I was talking to some women at our first Women's Ministry Class on Thursday (which BTW was awesome!). We got on the subject of moneysaving and groceries, which is one of my favorite things! And I was going to teach a class on how I save money on my grocery shopping. I was going to start in January, but the date may get moved up... I know times are making money tight and people want to know the info! I know I would. So we may do an extra class at some point soon.

Anyways, in preparation for the class, I took some pics of my run to Kroger this afternoon. Our Kroger (in Angola, In), is running a buy 10 (participating) items, get $5 off of your order. Combine this with coupons, and WHAA LAA...

In this trip, I spent $13.13. Double 13's bad luck? HA... I don't think this order has anything bad about it. The sugar.... yeah that was $.50 ea. Cocoa, $.25 ea. BC potatoes were FREE, yeah I know. Only goodness...

I have 23 items and saved $57, with the sales and coupons combined. I am going to be going back in a few days to do another transaction. Any questions on how to do this, you can visit my sis-in-laws blog here, or you can e-mail me.


Megan said...

Awesome trip Sarah!! You're getting good!! You even got several packs of cheese for that $13. !!

good job!!