Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Weeks Meals

This week is going to be packed full of activity in the evenings. I am NOT looking forward to the cyclone of chaos that will surely happen each evening. But, it DOES help when I can have my meals planned ahead of time. I'm not sure why I didn't discover this long ago...

Remember, I am putting the cost of each meal, with the meal. For any questions on how I was able to have such LOW costs, see my sis-in-laws blog for details.

So, here it is:

Monday- Ham Steaks & Bun, Mashed Potatoes & Corn ($1.00)

Tuesday- Cheeseburger Pie w/veggies ($2.75)

Wednesday- Tater Tot Casserole ($4.25) **Didn't get to this last week**

Thursday- Talapia, Cut Potatoes & Sweet Muffins ($3.00)

Friday- Out to Eat???

Saturday- Homemade Pizza ($2.50) **Didn't get to this meal last week either**

Sunday- Ham Loaf & Green Beans ($1.00) ** Also didn't get to this, we has a big meal at church!)

So, there it is. Like I said, each evening has someplace for one or all of us to be, so my meals have to be planned and pretty quick.

So what are you eating this week???