Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our Week, in Pictures

One week ago, we went to a Christmas Tree farm down the road. We road on a horse pulled wagon, then got off and cut our own tree. Here are my precious boys:

Here we all are waiting for the horse to come back and pick us up:

Here is Sunday, and Thanksgiving with my husband's family. We did pictures of all of the kids. Here are my boys again:

Here are nana and pa, with all 11 of their grandchildren (ages 10 to 8 months):

On Sunday (late) night, I got a call that they were rushing my dad to the hospital. Thank you all for praying for him. Please continue, they are running some more tests this week, on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here is my dad and Caden:

Here is a picture of my Christmas Cactus. It has bloomed during the summer, it has bloomed in the fall, but this is the first year, in MANY years, that it has actually bloomed (close to)the time when it is supposed to!
Here are the finishing touches made on the tree last night:
And Here is our nice little tree:
And here is today, snowing.... And current temperature as I type is 28 degrees, which is warmer then it was yesterday (about 10 degrees warmer). But it is snowin' and blowin' today. Florida, your sunny beaches sound so wonderful right now.... But I will stick it out until after Christmas. Then, I will REALLY start complainin'! =)

Hope you all had a great week.


Megan said...

Looks like a busy fun and not so fun week all put together!

Hope you have a good week this week!

great pics