Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trying to "Take Back" my Week!

Wow, this week has really been a long week! My dad was in the hospital, but tonight was released and is now home. With no real answers. Which does not sit well with me! So I continue to pray, because tonight I know he isn't feeling well again. Please pray with me.

But, I was able to do SOME things today, to catch up. But not a lot, because I still went to the hospital for a little while. I just don't like hospitals. It's a good thing I have had some good company when I go! ;)

So- I didn't get a Weekly Menu done for the week. All has gone OK so far, but I'm not sure if it will continue... We did a turkey noodle soup last night. I got to use up the last of the turkey from the weekend. Tonight we did Cavatini before the boys had a Christmas Program at school.

I started to write in my new pocket calendar today! Did I mention I got my pocket calendar for FREE? Yes, free. I get a lot of great coupons and free stuff from Go on, sign up! I got my free pocket calendar from Vocalpoint & Crest. It included some coupons for 1 free and several $1. off of Crest Weekly Clean, a new toothpaste. I've also got numerous other great coupons and samples from them.

I also need to regain control of my coupon book. Yes, I have a coupon book, and yes, it is definately OUT OF CONTROL. Maybe I will post about that at a later date.

We also have one sad little Christmas tree in our living room. He's just sittin' there, undecorated. He's been there since Saturday evening. Poor dude. We just didn't have any lights for him. I mean any WHITE lights for him. I have to have white.

I also want to start making some of my gifts, that I am going to be making this year. I am going to make my boys some robes. They have been BEGGING for robes for at least 2 years, if not more. I am also going to make them a few other fun things. Maybe batman or superman capes? A wallet? Maybe even a sock monkey for the baby boy. There are a few other things I cannot mention on here, because some people my find out what they are getting for Christmas! Hehehehe!

Well, this is really lofty for the week, so it may drift over into next week. Oh, one more thing, I need to repaint my nails! Darn it, I've been nervously picking at them all week, time to start again!

Are any of YOU making any gifts for Christmas? How has your week been going? I've missed hearing from you all!