Monday, December 8, 2008

This Weeks Meals!

Yeah! I have a meal plan this week! I'm so excited to start this week off with an ACTUAL PLAN! I know, I'm a plan NERD sometimes.

This week, of course, is going to be busy. I am so excited to get some more things done for Christmas! Including making things, when time permits!

Monday the boys have scouts. SO this actually frees up some time for me to do things with out all of the boys, just one little one! Tuesday, I will be getting some material from a woman who did some sewing for me, and I am going to make my boys some robes. They have been begging for these for years. Tuesday night I also have Worship practice. And my dad has a chest scan that day. Wednesday, I will be grocery shopping early with my sister, because my boys get let out at 12 noon, that day. Then, I am going shopping with my mother-in-law and sis-in-laws ( I hope we find some really good deals, since I have hardly any money!). Hopefully I can keep my sister around to watch my boys for a little while, before their dad gets home, so I can leave them behind while I go shopping... My dad also has a test this day. Please pray for him, and pray for the Lord's comfort for him on this day, as this test is a little more "scary" then the others. Thursday, I have a yearly check-up (boooo!) and that evening we have our Women's Ministry Class. We are going to be making little centerpieces for our tables and learning about some gift wrapping ideas. This has been going really well, and I am very excited as this grows!!! Friday, I think this is my one free day... We'll see. Saturday, hubby has a meeting in the AM, and I think that may be all. Plus the normal laundry, dishes, sweeping, cleaning, laundry, working on the web site, organizing coupons, laundry (did I already say that?)....

I know, if I have so much to do, why am I rambling here? It's a reminder, I guess. The more I get it in my mind, the more likely I am to remember it! Alright already.... here are my meals:

Monday- Impossibly Easy Cheeseburger Pie ($2.50)

Tuesday- Spaghetti & Bread with corn($1.50)

Wednesday- Grilled Cheese & Soup ($.60 to feed 4)

Thursday- Chicken Pot Pie (Thanks Carrie for new recipe!) ($3.00??)

Friday- Ham Steak on a bun, mashed potatoes, veggie ($2.00)

Saturday- Homemade Pizza ( $3.50)

Sunday- Whole Chicken in the crock pot, with veggies ($5.50)

You can see that our meals don't cost a lot. This is because I have saved a lot of money on groceries, to see how, go HERE. The mashed potatoes, frozen veggies, pasta were all free or pennies. So whenever I have these in a meal, this doesn't up the cost at all! There are other things that, when I get a great deal on, I stock up! So I rarely have to pay full price. If you have any questions, let me know. But I would encourage you to go HERE!