Monday, October 13, 2008

Weekly Menu

Sorry for getting this out later than usual! It was a busy week and weekend!

So- here is what we are doing this week:

Monday- My 32nd Birthday Mom & Dad Date Night (haven't had one of these in a while!) Aunt Katie gets to stay with the boys. (THANK YOU!) Boys will have pizza & fixin's while we will probably have Lone Star Steak House (go join there E-Club and they will send you $15 off of your b'day meal, plus free appetizer for signing up and other coupon specials! Pretty awesome!)

Tuesday- Worship Practice So Chicken Pot Pie is in order! This is a new recipe for me, but it tastes awesome... (can I say awesome any more in this entry?)

Wednesday- Church So again FAST FOOD- Chicken & rice with veggies...

Thursday- Church meeting, FAST FOOD AGAIN- Sloppy Joe's (a boy fav!) with veggie side.

Friday- A Salah Concert with some friends from Church! And again- aunt Katie will Babysit, although their Grandma offered to take bigger 3 with her camping, in a tent- weather being in the low 40's... crazy grandma! So I might be just feeding aunt Katie while she watches baby Koen...So whatcha want Aunt Katie??? =) We haven't been out this much in FOREVER. This should last us for about 3 years...

Saturday- Harvest Festival with our Church (man, my kitchen is going to be feeling neglected!)

Sunday- Cheeseburger Pie, French Fries!

Oh and plenty of Pumpkin Bread... a staple this time of year... mmmmmm!!! =P


carrie said...

Hey girl!!! Happy birthday!!!

love ya, carrie