Monday, September 15, 2008

Forming New Habits

Did you notice someone missing at church this week? Have you talked to someone who was really down about something in their life? Was there someone in your life who recently was blessed by the Lord?

Why don't we make it a new habit to send a small letter of encouragement or a congratulations to someone who may need it this week. I recently bought a box of blank cards. Each week I have tried to find a few people who could use encouragement and I send them a card! I love getting cards. Wouldn't a card in the mail be a huge blessing during a struggle in your life? What about a baptism? Send them a card. Didn't see them at church? Find out they have a family member sick? Rough patch at work? Bless someone with encouraging words.

Act 15:30-32 Then indeed they being let go, they came to Antioch. And gathering the multitude, they delivered the letter. And when they had read it, they rejoiced at the comfort.
And Judas and Silas, also being prophets themselves, exhorted the brothers with many words and confirmed them.


Megan said...

Ohh I so want to be like this...I have told myself to send cards for years. That's it when I get back from covered bridge I am buying them and am going to start sending cards...If you can, put it on your calendar and remind me!!!! Love ya!