Monday, September 15, 2008

For Mothers to Teach Sons

I found encouragement in reading Proverbs 31 (as I usually do!), this time in particular in reading the first few verses of 31 (1-9). Yes, these I usual skip right over because I love the Virtuous Woman!

So what are these verses that I have been skipping over? Why are these together? DO they offer anything to 10-31? Well- I'm glad you asked!

I find great encouragement in these verses because this is what a mother is speaking to her son! I had no clue! Well, I should say I just never paid THAT much attension to it, because I wanted to get to my favorite part!

Pro 31:1 The sayings of King Lemuel, a prophetic revelation, used by his mother to discipline him.

This is what it says! The verses following are what she used to discipline him!

Pro 31:2 "What, my son? What, son to whom I gave birth? What, son of my prayers?

It shows first that she prays for him! We need to be continually praying for our children. She identifies him as being the "son of my prayers". Not my 3rd son, not my son who is really good at football, not my straight A student... the son of her prayers!

Then she goes on to talk to him about his character. Treat others fairly. Defend the underdog. Defend those who have no voice. She also warns him about drinking! Wow! She tells him Kings shouldn't drink, and warns him about what happens when you drink. You may do something you'll be sorry for later! Kings not drinking would apply very well to our children, now! If you want to be treated with respect, you want people to take you seriously- Don't Drink!

She also (in my favorite verses!) tells him about what type of a wife to look for. We will definately be going through those verses in weeks and months to come!

There are many good verses instructing us in how to train our children. But I found this very interesting in that I have sons! This is what I will one day have to talk to them about! We could almost take this word for word in instructing them someday.

It is very intersting too, there are some people that think that King Lemuel, spoke of here, is really Solomon. And the instruction was given by his mother, Bathsheba. The more you dig into the word, the more you want to know!