Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning- Living Room!

Good Monday to all of my friends! It is the start of another beautiful week of Spring! Last week on our Children's Rooms challenge, I was so busy during the week, I got very little accomplished in their rooms. This week, I hope, is a slower week, and I am going to work on their rooms as well as the Living Room!

Are you all ready to work on our living rooms this week?

Here is your assignments:
  • Take everything off of shelves, tables, out of drawers, baskets etc. Wipe down, dust, sweep!
  • Get rid of any un-needed items (garage sale/ donation!)
  • dust/ sweep off ceiling fan, sweep down cobwebs!
  • Clean off your furniture! (Make sure to look at your furniture's manufacturer's directions on how to clean!) Sweep out furniture, tip back & sweep under!
  • Clean windows, blinds, curtains, screens
  • Dust/ clean pictures on the walls and on tables/ shelves, replace old pics with new ones if needed!
  • This would be a great time to clean the carpets! Wash rugs, sweep floor.
  • Rid out those old magazines you don't read anymore, or won't read. Throw away or donate.
  • Go through music, tapes, CD's, DVD's, etc. Get rid of the things you won't watch or listen to any more. Donate or set aside for garage sale.
  • Replace seasonal decor. Decorate for Spring/summer!
  • Does anything need replaced? Fix it now, or get rid of it!
  • Put everything back! Step back and take a picture! Very nice!
Last week, we had a family garage sale and I got rid of an old shelf and got a new, bigger one. SO I spent my Wednesday night last week cleaning and rearranging my living room until late. So I actually got a lot of the shelf cleaning done and organizing done, BUT there is still more to accomplish (always is!). Here is what my living room looks like this morning, a little bit of disorganization from the weekend but ready for a good DEEP cleanin'!

Who's with me? Don't give up now, we are almost to the end! If you haven't joined us for any of the other challenges but would like to join us today, please do! We would LOVE to have you! So join us on your blog, or add yourself to the comments and just let us know what you are working on this week!


Anonymous said...

rough start to my week and was unable to post but my living room is now clean and I will just post on Friday!