Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Cleaning- Living Room, Pt. 2

What a beautiful week here in Indiana! It was nice to be able to wear a light jacket, and pull your hair back (aka WINDY!), and be able to work outside! I am SO glad Spring is here! Aren't you? Sorry my posting hasn't been as frequent, I am currently praying over a new routine in my life, and it is in the beginning "action" stage. I will share about that another day...

But for now, we need to share how we did on our Living room!

On my living room, I told you I had just worked on it some the week before. Well, this week called for finishing up finding proper spots for things that didn't find their spots last week, more thorough dusting on other shelves and our ceiling fan, etc...

I still want to get the carpets cleaned soon, which I did not get accomplished this week. But definitely will! And I am pretty happy with how it turned out!

I will get my picture up later on this afternoon (when I can get a daytime shot, and after I get home from taking a baby sheep to my son's Preschool!)... so stay tuned!

Now for YOU to share!!! Can't wait to see them!