Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Cleaning- Kitchen

Have I been horrible at taking my after pics?! I can't believe these weeks are just flying by. And so many more things to do. If I set aside chores (barn), kid's activities, and regular housecleaning, I would still have church things (Women's ministry party coming up in May, board meeting in 2 weeks- need to have board minutes done, worship team, nursery schedules made, small group, and finishing up the pictorial directory layout! ) and all of the unexpected things that come along. Am I singin' a tune anyone else knows? :)

Well, today start the biggest job I will have in my home. The kitchen.

But first, some "fun" facts for you today...
Top Ten Dirtiest things in Your Home:
This coming from

Several of these items you see here are found in the KITCHEN!

On another search of the GERMIEST places:
#1- Sponges (solution: run through dishwasher or in microwave)
#2- Women's purses (where do you set your purse when you potty in public? And then wash your hands?)
#3- Men's Wallets (you sit on them and keep them nice and warm...)
#4- Make-up Case
#5- Remote Control
#6- Pillows & Mattress (The average person sheds about 1.5 million skin cells per hour and perspires one quart per day while doing nothing...)
#7- Refillable liquid soap dispensers! (They suggest not to reuse them!)
#8- PDAs, Personal digital assistants ( like a Blackberry)
#9- Phones
#10- Bottoms of desks drawers (inside, because of food and things stored in desks)
#11- Computer Mouse
#12- Door Handles
These were compiled by Life Script.

You ready to clean yet?

So, let's get started:
  • Start with a general clean-up of your kitchen
  • Go cupboard by cupboard

- Take everything out, look at expirations, wipe down shelving, add shelf liners, reorganize

- Fix squeaky doors, add bumpers to doors so they don't slam shut

- Put "like" things together, so thing are more organized

- Put stockpiled items in a separate location???

- Consider taking inventory of what you have.

  • Take everything off of your counters- wipe down everything, remove anything that does not need to be there.
  • Wipe down all cupboard fronts
  • Clean all decorations, wipe down with damp cloth or wash in soapy water
  • Refrigerator

- Clean off top

- Take everything out (check expirations)

- Wipe down shelves, or take out and wash

- Put things back in, organize

- Add a box of baking soda, to take away odors

  • Freezer (clean out the same way as fridge)
  • Microwave (heat a cup of water with 1/2 cup of lemon juice for 2 minutes, then wipe down inside!)
  • Clean oven top and inside!
  • Clean oven vent hood.
  • Garbage Can- Clean out, wipe down, clean garbage area
  • Clean floors, windows, curtains

Dining Area

  • Thoroughly wipe down table tops and legs, underside
  • get a new centerpiece for spring or revive the old one!
  • Clean floors thoroughly
  • Clean decor
  • Get rid of anything that doesn't belong
  • Clean windows and curtains
  • Thought about saving money on napkins? Get cloth ones!
Oh, where to start! I guess with a general clean-up... Then my goals are to get some cupboards organized. I have been making a lot more food from scratch, and thus needing less of the "boxed" foods. So I need to reorganize the spaces where I kept some of the boxed items.

I also want to do a THOROUGH wipe down of everything. I did this about a month ago actually. I caught a mouse under my sink (the "entry point" is where I keep all of my cleaners!), and it grossed me out so much, I cleaned and wiped down a bunch at that time. I want to do this again, and extend it to other parts of my kitchen.

What is YOUR plan? Please share in the comments section, or by linking up!


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