Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Groceries Coming... And a Word

Today, I will be going grocery shopping. Of course today is rainy, instead of the sunny that it has been for the last 5 days! But, that just gives us more of a challenge, right? 2 kids, groceries, 5 stops... Oh boy.

Ecc 9:8 Always look happy and cheerful. (GNB)

Thank you, Lord! I realize that in my life, when I allow myself to stress, I am not only feeling SICK, but it so quickly rubs off onto others. I walk through the store, as best I can, with a smile. This is a testament to Who is living IN me. So when people frown their way through the store (and maybe through LIFE!), I hope I can be a good part of their day.

So often stay-at-home mothers wonder how we can witness to people and share how awesome our God is. THIS is how: give a smile, be friendly when others aren't, give the cashier a nice word on a tough day, when others give a "downer" comment- give a positive on (example: oh... 4 boys huh? (in a sad voice). I say, Yes, we are blessed!).

Have a wonderful day everyone! :)