Monday, November 16, 2009

Ready for the Holidays- Clean-up Living Room!

So, last week I skipped out on my Clean-up of my Entry Area. I will definitely be coming back to it though.... I had a sick kid and the week filled up with "stuff" really quick. But, this week is my Living Room Week!

You can participate if you would like, but this is just something I like to make sure is done before the Holidays!

Living Room

This week I will be:
  • First, do a "general" clean-up. Then, go to "spot cleaning".
  • Take everything off of shelves, dust! When I go to put things back, does this really belong here? Maybe Re-arrange!
  • Look through all of my free magazine collection, and weed out what I don't NEED anymore. The rest put back away, nicely in a basket.
  • Move all furniture, sweep under! Move furniture how I am going to want it when we get our Christmas tree. So it will be all ready to go!
  • Anything doesn't belong in the living room? Get it out! This is the week!
  • Wash blankets and pillows on couches.
  • Clean-out/ Straighten-up CD/ DVD collections.
  • What do the windows look like? Clean 'em! Do curtains and/ or blind need a cleaning? Do it!
  • Get rid of all cob-webs!
  • No toys in the living room but baby toys. Clean out baby toy collection, clean the toys.
  • Anything need fixing? Fix it?
  • Light bulbs need replaced? Replace 'em!
My Goal: Not for a perfectly cleaned home, but for a cozy home that is less maintenance in the future months. I don't want to have people over and wish I had thought about cleaning the cobwebs!

Update on how everything went on Friday!


Jessica said...

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TINA I. B. EDGAL said...

I loved reading this blog! You do have your work cut out . Enjoy it and keep blogging for the Lord.

kanishk said...

Thanks for sharing...keep it up

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