Monday, November 23, 2009

Cleaning for the Holidays! The Bathroom!

Last week we cleaned our living room, and I did too! My son, Caden and I took everything off of shelves and dusted everything (Ah-CHOO!). We swept under all furniture, and swept down cobwebs, wiped down all of those little milk spots (from a little Mister's bottles...) on our leather furniture... But in the end, it all go done. This morning you can't tell much, but once the floor (the boy's blankets and Legos!) is cleaned up, it looks a LOT better... Everything in it's place!

This week, is our Bathroom. If you have more than one, you can focus on your MAIN bathroom, or all of them! I have one (finished!) bathroom, so I will focus on that! Here is a list of things I am going to make sure I cover:
  • Spray down the outside and inside of toilet, sink & tub. Scrub down!!! If you are using one rag, start with the sink first. Then go to the tub, THEN the toilet. Washing the rag thoroughly with HOT water each time. You don't want to carry the germs from the toilet to your sink! YUCK!
  • Do your cupboards need a good cleaning/ organizing? OH, buddy... Mine needs a good organizing! With 4 little boys digging in the cupboards all the time, it gets a little disorganized! Clean where you keep your toothbrushes!
  • Wash the walls! Our walls get all steamed up, and then cool down. When the toilet flushes and the lid is up, there are little particles that go into the air and can land on your walls and such.... I know, YUCK! Scrub 'em down! Scrub down cupboard fronts. Dust!
  • Scrub the floor! Scrub around the toilet LAST. Work from the opposite side of the room from the toilet, work toward the toilet. That way, you don't spread those germs from around the toilet to the rest of the floor.
  • Clean the door handles and light switches! These are touched the most in your bathroom, make sure they get a good cleaning!
  • Need to replace bulbs? Replace ANYTHING? DO it this week!
Along with getting ready for Thanksgiving, I will focus sometime on cleaning the bathroom. You KNOW if you have people over, everyone will hit the bathroom a few times! Make sure it is clean and ready for guests! Make sure you have enough T.P. out, and soap by the sink.

Join me! Let's clean that bathroom!


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Mommy Is Green said...

The walls and the cupboards are always something I don't give much thought to. Thanks for the reminder! -Victoria from MBC Follow Me Club

prashant said...

My heart His words – at archive blog please look at November - Humbled and Convicted-

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