Monday, October 26, 2009

New Look!

Yes, if you've been here before, you probably noticed the new look of this blog! Oh man, I found a great little place to find cute shabby chic decoration for your blog... So, I am so proud of myself, I got this cute background picked out, I install it. I go into the template choices on blogger and I change it, so my header color would be different. BIG MISTAKE. All of the work I had previously put into making my blog a 3 column blog went right out the window... Arrg!

So, if you have never messed with HTML's and such on a blog, then this conversation is pretty boring, but let me just say a LOT of super hard work was flushed in the 1 second it took to click on a button. And I was slightly frantic, to say the least!

So I went to work! And after over 3 hours hard work, I think I can live with what I came up with. If you like it, please let me know!

I also have to tell you, I just COULD NOT figure out why there was one certain problem happening and I could NOT fix it (I will spare you the long and boring details). I looked over my work like 10 times, I changed some numbers around... Did a little tweaking here and there... but NOTHING! I was so frustrated! That's when I stopped and prayed. Yes, I prayed about the LOOKS of my blog, and that God would help me figure out the problem. I took a walk and checked in on my boys, all asleep and snuggled in their beds. When I came back, I did a little changing of a few things that I hadn't tried before, and WA-LA! It worked! Within 1 minute of sitting back down at my computer! I nearly cried, and then I thanked my AWESOME God, who sees no request too small.

So, if you get nothing else from this entry (especially with all of the crazy HTML talk), please remember, no request is too small for God! Especially when you BELIEVE He will actually do it for you. Because my friends, He CAN do ANYTHING! He can move mountains, and He can fix blogs! We serve an awesome God! =) Am I right?!

Lots more fun stuff coming up! Keep checkin' back!


carrie said...

thanks for posting this!!! i was so bored with the look of my blog!!! i love it now!!1 you will have to check it out!!

dor said...

I like it and I truly love the music. I love Christian music.

Megan said...

Love it Sarah, awesome header!! Sometime when I get some time I'm gonna work on mine!!!

We definitely serve an Awesome God, no doubt!!!