Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Old Navy Coupon Tonight???

** Coupons Posted at about 9:30 PM! I didn't the good ones because my computer (my internet card, from Verizon) loaded SOOOO slow! New ones to post on or after the 23rd. I will let you know when I find out!

Sometime soon, Old Navy is supposed to be adding new coupons to their Old Navy Weekly site. This time there are supposed to be $75 of $100 coupons! I am going to try to get these! Last time they put them out at 5:00 AM, my time in Indiana. Before that when I did it, they put it out at 8 AM. And I know they have put them out at midnight, and so on. SO you never know when they will be up!

But one thing that DOES help is talking with others who are also looking for the coupons! And I just found a site tonight that has a live chat up and will be chatting as they watch for coupons. I will be there. It is STL Mommy.
The chat is at the bottom of her page on the right. And you will probably see me there!

Oh yeah~ ON has been allowing you to share a coupon of the same value as the one you find- with a friend... I just wanted to confirm that YOU ARE MY FRIEND! So you can share your awesome coupons with me if you wanna! ;)

Good luck!


Megan said...

Um yea and don't forget to share when you find that awesome coupon too!! I'll come on over for awhile. I'm not sure about the midnight or after deal@!!!!

Tammy said...

Sweet! I'm your friend! lol well I follow you anyway. If I find it I'll share with you, hope you'll do the same!

nov231973 at gmail dot com