Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Groceries This Week

I guess you could say I am consistent! Because I spent almost right at $70 for all of this:

At Meijer, I spent $29.xx

At Kroger, I spent $32.xx

And at CVS, I spent $9.xx

Not bad, considering I broke my own rule: Never take anyone with you... I took my 4 boys shopping with me today. But we avoided all of the extras because I packed them things to eat from home. I also had the pleasure of being accompanied by my mom and sister, so big day shopping!

Remember, we are feeding 6 and our budget is $70. To see how we do this, go HERE.

How did YOU do this week?


Danielle said...

Brave GIRL!!! taking all the kids with you....but you had some help it sounds like :) ANother week on budget...great job!!!

Aim said...

great job! You've inspired/motivated me. I printed a bunch of coupons last night. Not only am I going to use them for household groceries...we go on vacation in a few weeks, I'm using them there as well. :-) I'll be the weird tourist.