Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekend Inpiration


Sometimes life gets too crazy, it is filled with this thing, and that thing, and more of that thing... And our focus can go from what is important, to just getting by.

For the last few weeks, I have been so busy my head was just spinning with times, and chores, and medications, and appointments... I am realizing it is time to re-focus. Sometimes in life, we have to do that. What are our priorities? Are we focused on those priorities?

What things are important in my life? God first. My husband. My kids. My family. My church.

I need to re-focus. How are you on your priorities today?

Luk 6:45-48 "Good people do the good that is in them. But evil people do the evil that is in them. The things people say come from inside them. "Why do you call me Lord but don't do what I tell you? I will show you what everyone who comes to me, hears what I say, and obeys it is like. He is like a person who dug down to bedrock to lay the foundation of his home. When a flood came, the floodwaters pushed against that house. But the house couldn't be washed away because it had a good foundation."

Do we live like we say we do? If we call ourselves Christians, do we live like it through and through? Do we not just LOOK like a Christian but LIVE like one?

When days or weeks come, and our priorities get messed up, are we still honoring our God? I am taking today, as crazy as it is going to be, to honor God in ALL that I do... at least I am going to try as hard as my fleshly body will let me. Take today to re-focus on your priorities also, you won't be sorry!

Try Something New

I haven't been on the Internet, but only 2 days. So, I haven't gotten a chance to check out much. But I did have some sites bookmarked. So hopefully something here will inspire you:

Look at this great homemade lunch sack. Check it out from "Tumbling Blocks".

Don't these look delicious? And they are simple! Go and get the recipe from "The Kitchen at Cairnwood Cottage".

I hope something here has Inspired you today. Have a great weekend, and I look forward to see you again in a few days!


Genesa said...

Great post Sarah! I'm totally feeling like I need to re focus.