Monday, May 18, 2009

Money Saving Monday

What to do with the kids this summer...

Here are some money saving ideas of what to do with them this summer:
  • Buy a zoo pass. We actually have two zoos within an hour of our house. But one of the zoos you can get the zoo pass for $5 cheaper. This lasts for 1 year from date of purchase, and you can get into many other zoos with that pass, AND many more for 50% off cost. Plus you get discounts at gift stores, etc.
  • Camping. This may take a small initial investment, but then it won't cost much. This is also a fun ALL FAMILY time. We like to do this with other family, or friends also. We go to places that have fishing available, playgrounds, activities and of course clean facilities!
  • Parks! Utilize and support your local parks! Parks around our area have LOTS of cheap activities for kids to do during the summer. Also, the playgrounds are a great place to go and have picnics and to get some extra energy out!

So, those are just a few ideas that WE save money during the summer. How do YOU save money? Link up and show us!

Please link directly to your post on saving money.


Tracy said...

Hey, one thing we figured out with the zoo pass - there is a zoo in Nebraska that has a $40 zoo pass and you get in free at MANY zoos nationwide. For us, it was a much cheaper way to go to our local zoo, and the next closest zoo was free too, which it wouldn't have been if we'd bought the local pass.

There's something to be said about supporting your local zoo, but I'm sure the locals of Nebraska appreciate us :) Here's the link: