Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Be Sure to Check Out the Coupons!!!

Hi!! I just got to Internet connection, and still may be without for a few more days... I am LOST, TOTALLY... I had to call my wonderful sis in law to find out the deals, and I had to come to my gracious mom-in-laws to print off some mealbox coupons...

I am actually getting LESS done without Internet!

Hopefully my grocery shopping will be OK this week, since I haven't had my normal "study time". I will try and keep you all posted and keep posting...

Thanks so much for your patience!!!

But, I wanted to remind you to take a look at the coupons from my sidebar on the right from coupons.com. There are LOTS of great coupons right now, and they have had many good match-ups, including this week at Meijer! This will give you lots of good stuff for SUPER CHEAP! Check it out, and print them right from your computer! ----------->

I will talk to you soon!