Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning- Office Area Part 2

How did you all do this week? Well, this was another busy week for me, so luckily there wasn't too much work to do!
Since I forgot to post them on Monday, here was my "office" picture before:

What I did was start clearing! Half of the stuff was the boys's that they put on there, you know after they were supposed to put it away? SO I cleared that off, and they toughest part was going through my coupon binder. But I have all of the old rid out and the new in (except for a few new inserts...).

So here was the "office" after:


Join us next week when we clean the ENTRY. This can be a room, this can be a small space that is part of a larger room. Is your home Welcoming when others come to visit? Join us and take the challenge to make this space better!

For now, link up and show us YOUR progress!


Megan said...

I'm not near done! I hope to link tomorrow!!

office cleaning said...

You've just done great! That pretty convinced me to take a hand for cleaning too. Maybe I should see unorganized stuffs too and place that way! Thanks!