Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Groceries This Week!

I went grocery shopping yesterday, in the cold, rain and wind. It was not fun. Thank goodness I don't ever spend any time on my hair, because I might have been mad had I spent all morning doing it up all pretty.

So, tennis shoes and devil make hair, I did my shopping. And did pretty well!

I spent a whopping $50 on the following:

I spent $18. at Kroger, I spent $28. at Meijer, and $2. something at CVS, and less then $2 at Walmart.

I also have to add that I did spend $1.85 at Kmart, and $8.54 at Kroger on Saturday and Sunday. So, this week, even with some extra shopping in there, I spend under $60. And my budgeted amount is $70. for our family of 6! Pretty good, I think!

How did YOU do this week?


kimmcl said...

Sooooooooo.........what's yer secret??? Could it be just coupons?? Don't keep me hangin!

Megan said...

Great Job!!

Anonymous said...

You do an excellent job. A little advice from a mom of two boys stock up and over stock now on things that never go bad like TP because they will eat you out of house and home when they are growing teens and every penny will scream!