Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning- Master Bedroom, Part 2

So, how did you do this week? We did pretty well. I am not including pics today, not much "looks" different, and also I have used almost all of my MB on my wireless Internet card, and so I didn't want to download anymore then I have to. I still have 2 more days before it resets!!!

Anyways, go HERE to see the rest of the entries for Spring Cleaning.

This week, I got the ceiling fan swept and cleaned off, ready for those warm summer days when windows are open and fresh air is blowin' around! I re-arranged my closet a bit. I keep all of my short sleeves together, long sleeves together, I took down and folded up some of my sweatshirts, so I can add more short sleeves when it warms up. I washed all of the bedding, which is always delightful! I straightened up my bedside table, which can get a little unruly with boys and their "treasures" for me. I did a general straightening up in our room, and it "feels" much better.

How did YOU do this week? If you would like to link up, you can. If you want to wait and join us next week, we will be Spring Cleaning our Master Bath, a second bath or pick another part of your home that is not being covered HERE. And we would LOVE to see you next week! Until then, how did you do this week...


~Sara said...

Wow! I just started my Spring cleaning today. I got almost my entire kitchen done. What a job!

amykiane said...

really enjoying your blog and the music on it!