Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In His Word Wednesday

Megan at Daily Essentials has started a new thing called "In His Word Wednesday". This is where people like you and I loving and believing God, can share our prayers, find encouragement and hear God's Word. Go HERE to see other that are participating or to add a prayer yourself! This isn't a debate on theology, this is solely for encouragement and to have others lift your up in prayer, if needed.

I have a prayer request today that needs so major prayer. I had a woman who came to me that is contemplating divorcing her husband of 30 years, she also has a man who is tempting her with his affections, a man that is not her husband. She says she believes in God, but she also follows astrology, and has some other mental issues. This woman needs prayer to do the right thing. Please help me pray for her. She is EXTREMELY tempted. Oh, she also has a "counselor" telling her, there is nothing more in her marriage to work for, it's over.

She needs our prayers. I have tried to counsel her as far as I can with God's Word, and I have also tried to get her to go to a Christian Counselor, but I think she is going to break her appointment.

Thank you for all of the prayers that will be lifted up in God's name for this woman. Thank you for joining me in crying out to God that she will not be tempted, and fall into a horrible trap. Thank you sisters.

PS-- Megan also has a giveaway going on right now! Go HERE and enter for a great smelling spring candle!