Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Shopping Trip

I already went shopping this week, and I spent (I think) $54. My budget is $70. So I went shopping yesterday! I went to Kroger, CVS and Menard's.

Here are my trips:
Kroger- they are having the Mega Event right now, you buy 10 of the participating items and you get $5. I have lots of coupons that I wanted to use, and can only do one transaction where they triple the coupons per day, so I stopped by! Here is what I got:

My total at Kroger, for all of the above, was $6.49!!! I saved $34.62!!! That is an 84% savings! Or $.43 per item! Woo hooooo!

Here is my CVS transaction:

I did 2 transactions, and spent $2.50 on the above items! I saved $37.80!
I LOVE CVS! (and I love Cadbury Eggs...) Not included in the pic was a peanutbutter egg I got the hubby...

And Last, but NOT least, here is my Menard's trip:

We actually went on the LAST day of the sale, and so we missed out on a lot, BUT we did get all of the above items, for $13, after rebates! You can go HERE and read Megan's posts on how to save money and get free stuff at Menard's. They say you have to make an additional purchase of $10 in order to get the free after rebate items. BUT- we actually got some items' that were $.99 after rebate, like the hammer we got (but for some reason is NOT in the pic). There were a few things that weren't completely free after rebate, but I guess that counts as the $10 additional purchase!

How did YOU do this week?


Megan said...

WOW!! That looks AWESOME!! and you found the gamer...I never did find one of those. Now I think the Q are exp. great job!!

Don't feel bad about Menards...we went on the 2nd day of the sale and the lights, pry bars, and something else was already out of stock..maybe they never had them or very few???

Megan said...

oh yea, anything that's not FREE counts toward the $10. Very cool! said...

Great job! I can't tell you how much I got at Kroger in the last two weeks. All cheap or free. I have a total of 120 cans of CHILI!

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Danielle said...

Well just to let you know...I asked last week about the $10 purchase with the rebate b/c I wanted to include my sponges in that $10...they werw $1.99 for 6 after rebate...they told me that the items had to be non-rebate items so the sponge wouldn't count.....have you all heard different??? JUST CURIOUS if I was mis-informed or what???