Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

I have hardwood floors, and I have tried in the past to find a solution that works to safely clean them, without leaving a streaky, mucky looking film. Yeah, well. It's been to much avail. Products at Wal-mart and such just don't cut it.

When I had laminate wood, and now with my hardwood (with a shiny varnish), I use vinegar, water and small bit of rubbing alcohol. I actually get down on my hands and knees with a soft cloth, and I scrub it! I would like to invest in a Libman mop, the kind that you can take the mop head off and throw into the wash. That way I am not spreading dirt and germs around like I would be with a regular mop, used over and over.

I also did some research on the Internet and found that black tea, lemon juice and ice mixed together then cleaning your floors with it, really leaves a nice looking floor. I have yet to try it.

But the vinegar/water/ rubbing alcohol mixture works well for me. I also found one person out of hundreds warning NOT to use the mixture because it could MAKE scratches in your floor. But they were also trying to peddle their own product too.

So, try it. IF you have hardwood or a laminate wood floor, I love that this solution really cleans well, and doesn't leave a filmy residue.

Sidenote: I also read OVER AND OVER, Do NOT use Orange Glo to clean your floors, person after person have been horrified of the streaky mess left behind. Just search for it (in your Swagbucks!) and see what you come up with!

Go visit HERE, for more practical tips!


Megan said...

So what is the exact mix. Like how much vinegar to water? You have to spell it out for me!!

Genesa said...

Good Tip! Eash Sales in Shipshe has a mop called Sha Mop (or something) it has 2 pads that it comes with.(actually the pads might have been seperate) I think it's around $20. I didn't look anywhere else before I got one tho, so maybe one @ walmart is cheaper.

Shoshoni said...

I use a Hann steam cleaner. It is SO easy and it is the best thing I have ever treated myself to. I uses hot steam to clean the floor. You never have to use or buy cleaning products again. Just uses water to fill it up. The hot steam completely sanatizes the floor and you don't have to get on your hands and knees to clean. It's like a handheld mop. It comes with some cloth pads and when you get done with the floor you just throw the pad into the washing maching. It' so easy. I really love it. It's about 100 dollars.