Monday, January 12, 2009

Meals for this Week

Today went fast! I started out first thing going grocery shopping. I usually shop on Tuesdays. BUT- the weather here is supposed to be getting really bad for the next several days. So, hubby said I should do my shopping today, so we don't have to get out unless we absolutely HAVE to...

This weeks meals are going be all be simple, warm and did I say simple??? Hubby won't be home to enjoy meals with us, so I usually don't try as hard if they aren't for him!

Here are our meals:

Monday- Ham Steak on a bun & potatoes

Tuesday- Progresso Soup on top of Mashed potatoes

Wednesday- Chicken Noodle Soup (homemade)

Thursday- Vegetable Soup (homemade), Grilled Cheese

Friday- Pizza

Saturday- Leftovers???

Sunday- Tatertot Casserole

What are you having this week???


Megan said...

I think those meals look great! good idea to do with the progresso soup.

weather does look to be interesting. hope i can get out by Fri. or sat to do my shopping. i can't miss meijer this week!!