Monday, November 24, 2008

Meals for this Week

Sunday was busy, but awesome. I hosted a baby shower for a lady at our church, so I had to go in earlier then for practice. I play drums in our worship team, and I had to be there early for that. I love our worship team, by the way. Then church. Right after church was the baby shower. Which, went really well. I hope the family was blessed. Thank you Carrie for helping!

When I finally got home, I only had about 2 hours before we had a Candlelight Communion at Church. But I came home and figured my deal shopping for the week. Then we ate and left. And had an awesome evening at church. We all shared on the things we were Thankful for, and I think we were all blessed by the words spoken there.

We got home at 8:30 pm, rushed the boys off to bed. Then watched a movie I had rented on Saturday night. I was so glad to hit my pillow!

So, ANYWAYS! This is a different week, because it is Thanksgiving Week! Here are our meals for the week...

Monday- Ham Steak on a Bun, mashed potatoes, & veggie ($1.75)

Tuesday- Cheeseburger Pie ($2.50)

Wednesday- Dinner at my mom's

Thursday- Dinner at Mom-in-law's

Friday- Thanksgiving at my house (cost to feed 6 adults & 4 kids- less than $25.)

Saturday- leftovers! Mmmmm! (free)

Sunday- Thanksgiving at my Mom-in-law's house

So, what are YOU doing this week??? Big plans? I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgivings & time with your families. Remember how blessed we really, truly are here, in this country. Have a great week!


Megan said...

Wow! Sounds like a great week of lots of Turkey! I don't think any of us will be hungry after this weeks meals!!